naad ([personal profile] naad) wrote in [community profile] forkedtongues2011-02-19 05:31 am

Bhakti dohas ('devotional' couplets) Part I(b) - Tulsidas

In Avadhi as far as I can remember...

Hindi, Devnagri -
राम नाम अवलंब बिना परमारथ की आस
बरसद बारिद बूंद गहिन चाहत चढन अकास

Hindi, Roman -
raam naam avalamb binaa, paramaaratha ki aas
barasada baarid boond gahin, chaahat chadan akaas

English Translation, Roman -
[my own translation, so inaccurate and non-poetic]
aspiring to attain the Ultimate Truth, without meditating upon Raam's name
is like trying to climb to the sky, with a ladder made of raindrops

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