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大唐紅顏賦: Tang Dynasty women poem

Tang Dynasty women poem is made by a Chinese music group Mo Ming Qi Miao (墨明棋妙). These are all well known princesses and beauties in Tang Dynasty, China. Most of them languished in the sorrow of love. The bad translation is done by me.

盛世浮生,笔端百转红颜谶!   ———总括   
霓裳羽衣曾动京华,执手诉情深;   渔阳鼙鼓,马嵬坡前恨平生;   还记当年七夕月,   缘许三生,此夜闻铃却作断肠声。   ———杨玉环   
幽幽梅魂,一缕随水一成尘,   惊鸿过影花骨瘦尽,谁听玉笛声;   ———梅妃   
佛骨檀香,多情解语慰虔诚,   洛阳春暖酒自斟,   流光一瞬,刹那离愁又添泪一痕。   ———高阳公主   白:   梅妃:长门尽日无梳洗,何必珍珠慰寂寥。明珠千斛又算得了什么?江采苹所求的,从来不是这些。   
唱【孤竹翊】   扬眉入宠,顾盼倾国亦倾城;   临风待月,几番温存含笑问;   陌上花开,谁念缓归眷春深;   宛转蛾眉能几时?   零落成尘,却见燕雀犹自悲黄昏。   ———杨玉环    
题诗笺,毁誉又何惜;   盛名虚名冷笑置之而已;   校书笔,空老尘埃里;   桃花谢去,竟随流水无迹。   ———薛涛   
扫眉凌众卿,笑看云起;   一场翻覆成败摇笔戏;   瑶台宴罢,红袖掷诏题;   太平文章落如雨。   ———上官婉儿   
白:   薛涛:落花离枝,雏燕离巢,原来……才名艳名皆是幻影,世间知我者,几人?   
长安月冷,章台歌舞新;   谁惜流年脉脉与殷殷。   簪花弄影,持酒送流景;   折尽春风无情碧。   ———鱼玄机   
白:   武则天[青年]:陛下,这烈马,我能制服!然需三物,一是铁鞭,二是铁檛,三是匕首。我先用铁鞭抽它,如果不服,再用铁檛击它的头,再不服,就用匕首割断它的喉咙。   
武则天[老年]:一抔之土未干,六尺之孤何托……好一篇《讨武曌檄》!如此人才,未曾委以重用,宰相之过也……   唱【逝雨】   咫尺朝堂飞扬凤翼,   何曾负 盛世名 河山意。   无字空碑向晚长立,   待青史 书功过 斟浮名。   ———武则天   
白:   一处繁华一页笺   一笔前缘一缕烟   碧痕啼碎沉香梦   白发遗恨上阳篇   解语红拂筝筝叹   惊霜宝剑飒飒寒   须眉自古丹青眷   弃珠飘零沧海间
In a prosper time, the beauties' stories came out on paper. - conclusion.
The heavenly coat has impressed the capital, and the Emperor held my hand to talk about our love. The war drum at the Ma Yi Hill leads to eternal regret. Still remember the promise made on the seventh moon in the past to be together for three lives, but this time when the bell rang, it only breaks my heart. --- Yang Yu Huan
I'm like the spirit of plum flower, half falling to the water and half to the dust. The frightened eagle flew by, my body as thin as the flower. Who'll listen to my di music? --- Jiang Chai Ping
Before the Buddha and the incense, I have comforted the devoted monk with my emotional words. It's warm spring in the capital and I drink wine alone. When the time passes, I feel th hurt from parting and my tears drop. --- Gao Yang Princess
Jiang Chai Ping: In the lonely palace I haven't dress up myself for long. What use can I make of the pearls? It's nothing to have thousands of pearls. I, Jiang Chai Ping, never ask for that.
Yang Yu Huan: Yours Majesty has granted me three wishes. Now my third wish is that please grant me death
Gao Yang Princess: It's said that the past life of the tree under which the Buddha is enlightened is a woman in love with him. Bian Ji, I hope that you'll achieve enlightenment like Buddha in your next life.
I come into His Majesty's favour with delight. My glance is beautiful enough to fall a city. At night, His Majesty has smiled and been gentle to me. When the wild flowers by the street blossoms, who 'll miss the one who never come back in spring? Beauty can't last long. When I die, the sparrows only grieve that it's still not yet night. --- Yang Yu Huan
When I write my poetry, I never care either fame nor notoriety. My reputation is meaningless to me and I'll just smile coldly at that. My talent will only fade in dust. When the cherry blossoms, it passes silently away in the river.———Xue Tao
I proudly go above the other officials and smile to see the sky. Political turmoils is just a word game to me. At the royal dinner, when the Empress gives the task of writing, great work comes as rain. --- Shang Guan Yuan Er
Xue Tao:Flowers fall from the branches. Young sparroes leave their nest. At the end all fame are just meaningless. Are there people who really understand me?
Yu Yuan Ji:It's easy to get invaluable treasure while it's hard to get true love. Only people who don't know about love are safe from the pain caused by it.
Shang Guan Yuah Er: The sight of the moon at the palace is lovable, yet fearful. But even though I'm just a pawn, I'm loyal to the Empress.
The night is cold, and the sond and dance is still not yet over. Who'll treaure my feeling over time? Playing with my hair pin, I drink a cup of wine to see the spring fade. The spring wind is loveless and blows the leaves away. --- Yue Yong Ji
Wu Ze Tian (Youth): Yours Majesty, I can tame this horse, but I need three things. First I'll use a whip. Then I'll use a iron hammer to hit its head. Finally if it still remains ferocious, I'll kill it with my knife.
Royal Concubine Xiao: This Wu demon! If there's a next life I hope I 'll be a cat and Wu be a mouse so I'll tear her neck.
Wu Ze Tian (Middle age): I'm the queen and no one can stop me. Throw these wild women into wine and let them sink to death.
Wu Ze Tian (Old Age): The grave is still wet; Who care about the orphan? This Accusation against Wu is good. That the writer isn't given a post is the fault of the prime minister.
In the royal court I fly like a phoenix. Never do I go against the will of the country and the prosper time I bring about. The wordless monument stood toward the night sky. I'd rather let the history to discuss me and my reputation. --- Wu Ze Tian
Conclusion: Every page contains a tale in a prosperous time. Every tales will fade into smoke afterward. The sweet dream is woken by the sad voice. The eternal regret lasts. The understanding beauty sighs with her music. The sword is cold as frost. The history always favour the male. The women are dispersed everywhere.