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chingari koi bhadake
[lyrics by Anand Bakshi, from the movie Amar Prem]

chingaaree koee bhadake, to saawan use bujhaaye
saawan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun bujhaaye
patajhad jo baag ujaade, wo baag bahaar khilaaye
jo baag bahaar mein ujade, use kaun khilaaye?

hum se mat poochho kaise, mandir tootaa sapanon kaa
logon kee baat naheen hai, ye kissaa hain apanon kaa
koee dushman thhais lagaaye, to meet jiyaa bahalaaye
manameet jo ghaav lagaaye, use kaun mitaye?

naa jaane kyaa ho jaataa, jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
peete hain to zindaa hain, naa peete to mar jaate
duniyaa jo pyaasaa rakhe, to madiraa pyaas bujhaaye
madiraa jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun bujhaaye?

maanaa toofaan ke aage, naheen chaltaa zor kisee kaa
maujon kaa dosh naheen hai, ye dosh hai aur kisee kaa
majadhaar mein naiyyaa doobe, to majhee paar lagaaye
maajhee jo naaw duboye use kaun bachaaye?

if an spark flares up, the monsoon can extinguish it
but who will extinguish the fire the monsoon awakes within?
the garden which was devastated by Fall, will bloom once again in Spring
but one that is devastated in Spring, who will make such a garden blossom again?

ask me not how my castle in the air was laid to ruins
this is a tale not of strangers, but of those near and dear
my Beloved can distract me from slights inflicted by my enemies
but the wounds inflicted by my Soulmate, who will heal those?

who can say what would have happened, who knows what i would have done
i am alive as long as i drink, if i didn't drink i would be dead
when the world keeps me thirsty, wine can slake my thirst
but the thirst that wine leaves me with, who can quench that?

tis' true, no one can stand strong before a storm
it isn't the waves' fault, it is another's
mid-stream, if the boat falters, the boatman conveys us safely to the other shore
but if the boatman himself sinks the boat, who can save it?

[corrections/improvements most welcome :) ]

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