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禁色 was a Cantonese song sung by an Hong Kong indie band 達明一派 in 1980's, and it was believed to be about asking for a more open attitude about homosexuality, back when its decriminalization was a hot topic in 1980's in Hong Kong. The video I chose is a cover by a local singer 何韻詩。

The video:
cut for the video )

Lyric in Traditional Chinese

Lyric in Traditional Chinese )

Transliteration in pin yin

Transliteration in pin yin )

My own translation

My translation )
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April is the month a number of folks share poems on their blogs, and April 25th is the start of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw.

So we'd like to combine that and ask you to share some transcriptions, transliterations and/or translations of poems, ideally ones hard to already find in other places online.

There's no pressure, but if you'd like to comment to this post with a tentative sign-up, saying what language and date you'd like to post in and on, jump in! You could also use this post to brainstorm collaborations - for instance, you might have a book of translated stuff you could type up, but would like some help from a native speaker in tracking down the original, or you can transliterate something but don't have the font or script for a transcription.

It would be great if we could have at least 15-20 languages represented, and some hopefully ones that don't actually already feature in our tags.

And poetry encompasses everything from song lyrics to lullabies and playground chants, so please don't worry about having to translate only the timeless classics.
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Greetings all:

I've cleaned up our tags and edited the tags of a few entries accordingly. Please do go check out our list of tags to see how they are organised. At the very least, make sure to give your posts a "language:" tag, with "script:", "translation:" and "transliteration:" as applicable.

Going over the tags, I see we have 16 languages represented so far. We have 6 days left till the end of the month; it would be great if we could get closer to the goal of 30 languages for 30 days of poetry.

I also wanted to point out [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, which is a challenge to post content exclusively to Dreamwidth for three weeks, starting April 26th, 2010. I thought this community could be part of it by hosting translations, transliterations or original language posts of content not available online. Many of us probably have access to books, music, or memorised poems/proverbs etc that we can't find online. Go ahead and throw them up here! Perhaps someone else can help you translate them, or squee over that poem you were assigned in your class 7 lit text book.

If there are bloggers you know elsewhere who post in multiple languages, do extend an invitation to them; I'd be happy to post content on their behalf here if they don't want to make a DW account.

And of course, meta about languages, code-shifting, bilingualism etc is always welcome.


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