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[personal profile] pauamma (unfortunately, I don't speak any dialect of German, so I don't know what the linked article says, or in which dialect(s) of German, beyond the summary given in Real Grammar).

And relatedly, I'm wondering: which French dialect is taught first/only in areas of Switzerland where German, Italian, or Romantsch are the primary language?
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Language imperialism

The picture in the linked post is of 2 "Caution, wet floor" yellow plastic signs. The one on the right is in English only, the one on the left in English and Spanish.
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Disclaimer: This meta focuses on my thoughts of situations presented as someone who is an heir to (in the metaphorical sense, not the literal sense) of the post colonial legacy left behind by those of independence and various works (intellectual and otherwise) from the mid 1960s onward. Despite the sources quoted, this is pretty much my own reading of events, and I am aware that this is but a sliver of which is out there. I'm also only speaking of what I've known and studied (West Indian and segments of African history from 16th century to the mid 1990s), and I haven't wrestled with these issues in a long time. Damn you, again, fandom.

On underdeveloped societies, and the importance of nation language )

Thank you so much for inviting me here to post my meta. I am glad that it is of value


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