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An interesting post indeed.

I'm not Spanish, nor do I even understand the language. But we have regional dialects where I come from as well (Malaysia), most unique according to states in our country.

But normally you would use the official language for use in situations like the ones mentioned in the post, wouldn't you? We use Bahasa Malaysia (or also called Bahasa Melayu) for everyday official use. So I'm surprised to read that the use of regional languages are more prevalent in Spain.

Thank you for the link! :)
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OT, but check your inbox for an invite to a comm you might be interested in!
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Kinda surprised that you're extending the invitation to me, but I've joined the comm.
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Hey, thanks for the link! (Also, I was curious about where you were coming from here - are you bilingual in any of the languages the post was talking about?)