Jan. 7th, 2012

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Hello, [community profile] forkedtongues! Brief administrative note today:

We've revamped the tag system extensively. You can view the current state here; hopefully, the reorganisation will make it easier to find anything for which you might be searching.

In this regard, we've decided to remove language endonyms from the tags; so, 'language:hindi/हिन्दी' is now simply 'language: hindi', and so on. This was not done without thought; we are trying to nest tags as much as possible to make organisation and searching simpler, so cutting down on tag length and complexity was a major goal. In addition, the old system did not support right-to-left languages well, and had a tendency to break pages.

Please do let us know if you have questions about or issues with this change, or indeed with any other aspect of this community. We're happy to open dialogue or receive alternate suggestions. [In fact, we would also appreciate any suggestions you might have re. what you would like to see here.]

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