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"The Opening of Eyes" by David Whyte @ [community profile] poetry includes authorized translations of the English language poem into French, German, and Italian from the poet's website. Translators are Kim Mizrahi, Andrea Stendel, and Sabine Pascarelli respectively.
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Can't find an English translation of this online, though I may be searching the wrong places; thus, I have put together a quick version based on combination of Albanian dictionary and the author's own French version. Please tell me if anything has been grossly misinterpreted by me.

Edhe kur kujtesa ime e lodhur,
Ashtu si ato tramvajet e pasmesnatës
Vetëm në stacionet kryesore do të ndalojë,
Unë ty s'do të harroj.

Do të kujtoj
Mbrëmjen e heshtur, të pafund të syve të tu,
Dënesën e mbytur, rrëzuar mbi supin tim
Si një dëborë të pashkundshme.

Ndarja erdhi,
Po iki larg prej teje.
Asgjë e jashtëzakonshme,
Veç ndonjë natë
Gishtat e dikujt do pleksen në flokët e tu
Me të largëtit gishtat e mi, me kilometra të gjatë.

en français )

Even when my memory falters,
like the trams after midnight
who no longer visit any but the major stops --
I will never forget you.

I will remember
the endless and silent twilight of your eyes,
your muted sob light against my shoulder
like a flake of snow.

It's time to be separated.
I will go far from you,
to where nothing is surprising.
But, some other night, the fingers
of another in your hair will find themselves
intertwined with mine, my fingers
millions of kilometres long.

Lu Chai

Apr. 7th, 2010 12:42 pm
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This is from a book I have called 19 Ways of Looking at Wang Wei, edited by Eliot Weinberger and Octavio Paz. The book features an 8th Century Chinese poem called "Lu Chai" by Wang Wei, commonly translated into English as "Deer Park" or something along those lines. It then includes 19 different translations of the poem along with explorations of the differences between the translations.

My favorite translation, though, belongs to editor and Literature Nobelist Octavio Paz.

En la Ermita del Parque de los Venados

No se ve gente en este monte.
Sólo se oyen, lejos, voces.
Por los ramajes la luz rompe.
Tendida entre la yerba brilla verde.

And here's a good one in English, by Burton Watson

Deer Fence

Empty hills, no one in sight,
only the sound of someone talking;
late sunlight enters the deep wood,
shining over the green moss again.

ETAAnd just for [personal profile] marina, a French translation by G. Margouliès

La Forêt

Dans la montagne tout est solitaire,
On entend de bien loin l'écho des voix humaines,
Le soleil qui pénètre au fond de la forêt
Reflète son éclat sur la mousse vert.


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