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Here is Faiz's own recitation of this poem, courtesy the U. S. Library of Congress.

urdu text )

transliteration )

english translation )

Please drop me a shout if something's grossly wrong with either the spelling or the translation, which is admittedly a hack job.
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Have some more Faiz!

I found a video of Faiz reading out one of his poems... only 'reading out' doesn't seem enough to describe a mushairah, with this intimate atmosphere, a responsive audience. It's too beautiful not to share.

Aaj bazaar mein pa-bajolan chalo )

english translation )

I got the above translation in an email, and have not been able to track down who it's by. If anyone knows of a different/better version, please do share!
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz was an Urdu poet (Indian and then Pakistani). A leading member of the Progressive Writer’s Association in the pre-Independence days, he regarded poetry as a vehicle of ‘serious thought’, publically denouncing ‘art for art's sake’ arguments in the debate raged on in the literary circles of the subcontinent then. Faiz gave a new spin to the familiar imagery of a love-poet.


I post here two short excerpts from his verses. I could not find image files so I am posting tranliterations for now. I will upload the Urdu version if I am able to find scripts I know how to use. Pointers to less grittier translations are welcome. I will upload audio files in the next couple of days though.


Seher/ Dawn )


Mujhse Pehli Si Mohabbat/ Don’t ask me for that love we once had) )



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