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I'm trying to put together a music mix of bilingual and multilingual songs. However, I'm a little limited in my familiarity and I don't want to over-represent the two languages I do speak. Of course, I'm also interested in discovering amazing new music.

Does anyone have a favorite bilingual or multilingual song? One of my favorites is this version of La vie en rose in both Hebrew and French, by Corinne Alal, translated by Ehud Manor.

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I posted two poems for the UK's National Poetry Day at my journal. The first is Pia Tafdrup's poem for Norway, in Danish with an English translation. The second is a humorous piece about linguistic and cultural translations written by a Scottish poet about the English and the French, and using both languages.
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Listen to this poem. Please. Do. Please. [audio at top of page]

french text )

english translation )

I have dropped a couple of particularly challenging puns, they are marked. Suggestions gratefully appreciated. [No, I cannot come up with a pithy rhyming translation of 'reubeu'!] [If you are curious, literal glosses of the lines respectively would be, 'Words in Hebrew like a [popular bit of verlan for 'Arab']', and 'Moldovan words, because they're the most serious'. Both of these seem to have been plays on sound foremost. Not sure how to do that in English.]
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So there's been  a great big "hommage à Serge Gainsbourg" show the Hollywood bowl and I WANTED TO BE THERE SO HARD QSSDFDHGF.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was there to perform the opening song of the Melody Nelson concept album, which is more os a spoken monologue - and this led me to post in my journal both the lyrics & a translation I did, as well as the lyrics of another favorite Gainsbourg song of mine and a download link.

I thought I'd repost the lyrics & translation here, as might be more appropriate / generate more interest. :)

Any comment welcome, from questions to translation critique - this was done rather quickly. Fun, though!

Melody, bilingue )
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I loved Yael Naim's last album, especially "Paris", where she sings in both Hebrew and French about an old love affair.

Her new album is recently out, and it includes this song that seems to define the notion of forked tongues.

"Game Is Over" by Yael Naim

the game is over for mon coeur
i won’t need to stand bad humeur
i will not feel this douleur
since the game is over for mon coeur

i begin to see the lumière
things will not be like hier
it’s crazy mais je n’ai pas peur
since the game is over
the game is over for mon coeur

the game is over for mon coeur
and i don’t see the same couleurs
where will i find my bonheur ?
since the game is over for mon coeur

i’m crying almost every heure
i’m fragile like a little fleur
la vie semble sad, that’s for sure
since the game is over
the game is over for mon coeur


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