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Here is Faiz's own recitation of this poem, courtesy the U. S. Library of Congress.

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Please drop me a shout if something's grossly wrong with either the spelling or the translation, which is admittedly a hack job.
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A friend forwarded me this poem by Kaifi Azmi on the Babri Masjid demolitions. I suspect it was originally written in Urdu, so if anyone has the original, or can retransliterate it back, let me know and I'll edit it into the main post. (I suspect there are a few typos in the Devnagari transliteration I was forwarded.) Likewise, a translation, which I'm too lazy to attempt.

दूसरा बनवास

राम बनवास से जब लौट के घर में आये,
याद जंगल बहुत आया जो नगर में आये,
राक्स्से दीवानगी आँगन में जो देखा होगा,
6 दिसम्बर को श्री राम ने सोचा होगा,
इतने दीवाने कहाँ से मेरे घर में आये?

जगमगाते थे जहाँ राम के क़दमों के निशाँ,
पियार की कहकशां लेती थी अंगड़ाई जहाँ,
मोड़ नफरत के उसी रह गुज़र में आये,
धरम क्या उनका है, क्या ज़ात है, यह जानता कौन?
घर न जलता तो उन्हें रात में पहचानता कौन,
घर जलाने को मेरा, लोग जो घर में आये,
शाकाहारी है मेरे दोस्त तुम्हारा खंजर |

तुमने बाबर की तरफ फेके थे सारे पत्थर,
है मेरे सर की खता ज़ख्म जो सर में आये,
पाँव सरजू में अभी राम ने धोये भी न थे
के नज़र आये वहां खून के गहरे धब्बे,
पाँव धोये बिना सरजू के किनारे से उठे,
राम यह कहते हुए आपने द्वारे से उठे,
राजधानी की फिजा आयी नहीं रास मुझे,
6 दिसम्बर को मिला दूसरा बनवास मुझे |

-- कैफ़ी आज़्मी

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लुत्फ़-ए-मै तुझसे क्या कहूँ ज़ाहिद
हाय कमबख्त, तुने तो पी ही नहीं

lutf-e-mai tujhse kyaa kahun zaahid
hai qambakht, tune to pi hi nahin

what do i say to you of the lure of wine, o ignorant one
you fool, you haven't even wet your whistle
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Zaahid, sharaab piine de maszid mei.n baith kar
Ya woh jagah bata de, jaha.n khuda nahii.n hai

the reply:
Zaahil, sharaab pii le tu maszid mei.n baith kar
Gar dil mei.n khuda nahii.n hai, to kahii.n nahii.n hai
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Have some more Faiz!

I found a video of Faiz reading out one of his poems... only 'reading out' doesn't seem enough to describe a mushairah, with this intimate atmosphere, a responsive audience. It's too beautiful not to share.

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I got the above translation in an email, and have not been able to track down who it's by. If anyone knows of a different/better version, please do share!
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Faiz Ahmed Faiz was an Urdu poet (Indian and then Pakistani). A leading member of the Progressive Writer’s Association in the pre-Independence days, he regarded poetry as a vehicle of ‘serious thought’, publically denouncing ‘art for art's sake’ arguments in the debate raged on in the literary circles of the subcontinent then. Faiz gave a new spin to the familiar imagery of a love-poet.


I post here two short excerpts from his verses. I could not find image files so I am posting tranliterations for now. I will upload the Urdu version if I am able to find scripts I know how to use. Pointers to less grittier translations are welcome. I will upload audio files in the next couple of days though.


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